Appreciate The Timeless Wonder

We've just ordered seeds for this year's garden. Soon our best-lit windowsills, and the window-shelves crafted for this specific purpose, will be covered with newly sprouted plants. Tomatoes, squash, corn, and melons, getting a head start inside, will crowd out the potted house plants. I don't think I'll be truly satisfied until we grow or gather everything we eat.


I am a Wanderer

I do my best thinking on other people's blogs. I guess I am more of a reaction than an action lately.


In which Jeanne opens an e-mail account and adds a new link at the right

In case anyone wants to speak more privately.


I am Here.

It seems I delude myself into believing I am straddling a multitude of alternative universes, each one the nexus of a choice or decision I couldn't fully make, but slid into. I ride along, believing I can rewind to that hazy, ambiguous point and start again from there. It's quite a handicap. Why do junctions come and go so quickly?