I'm It!

I've been mystically tagged. Feel free to consider yourselves tagged or untagged, oh ye who read.

I was an insatiable reader until my mid twenties. I haven't read much since then, since other things became more compelling.

Disclaimer: This list is limited and by no means fully encompasses the tagee's interest or exposure. It's a clue, though.

1) A book that changed my life: Crime and Punishment. I couldn't read further than a bit after the murder. It was far too convincing. I still suffer from occasional dreams of having murdered someone and knowing that I will innevitably be found out.
2) A book that I've read more than once: Practically every book I've liked. Most often would be a tie between "The Last Unicorn" (though I haven't read it for about twenty years now) and Ursula LeGuin's "The Left Hand of Darkness".
3) A book I'd take to a deserted island: Like Sidhe, a blank book. And a hell of a lot of scrap paper and yes, a hundred fine point pens with specifically black ink. And a dictionary, if the blank book didn't use up my one wish.
4) A book that made me laugh: Any and all Wodehouse. The first book that made me laugh out loud was "The Once and Future King" by T.H. White.
5) A book that made me cry: I can't think of one. Funny, considering I cry embarassingly easily during films.
6) A book I wish had been written: The one I probably should have written by now.
7) A book that should never have been written: Easy. The bible. It was never intended to be a book. What Jesus conveyed was living truth (as is all truth) and should have spread by way of contact, not by paper.
8) A book I'm currently reading: None, but I sure wish I was rereading Neil Gaiman's "American Gods", absolutely the best book I've read for years and one of my favorites period.
9) A book I'm planning to read: "High Fidelity", because I like the film and because my son just borrowed it from the school library where they don't have late fees.
10) (my addition) A book I recommend that people probably haven't heard of but should absolutely read: "When I was Five I Killed Myself" by Howard Buten. http://www.amazon.com/When-Was-Five-Killed-Myself/dp/0743423003

There. That was fun.



We flounder,
hoping our eyes will be open
the moment
our present tidepool
connects to the sea.


Oh No!

You must be starving! It's been over a month since I dished up anything juicy here. I'm admittedly running around like a decapitated fowl, picking and pickling, freezing and jamming, saucing and storing, but THAT IS NO EXCUSE!

I will improve. I promise. I have a post or two simmering on a back burner. If I don't forget to stir them they should be ready to serve soon. Bring a bib.