Sim Reality

Instead of pecking our way out of an egg, let's say we are all together in an expandable bubble of sorts. Each original (own) thought we have inevitably moves the thinker a step further out from the center of the bubble, stretching the membrane and causing it to become tighter in other areas to compensate OR causing it to create new "cells" to increase it's circumference and maintain equilibrium. After each stretch, all of mankind shifts about a bit, and applies equal pressure to the outside edge again. Because the bubble is situated on a surface, it moves slightly in the direction of the shift when weight is relocated in the bubble. Depending on the nature of the age, people are looking in different directions, and different numbers of them are at the outside edge. In some ages, most people are looking back at what's been done, that is towards the center of the bubble, and not a lot of expansion happens, and in fact the bubble can actually shrink. In some ages, people are looking at themselves, concentrating on their own standing room, and very little expansion takes place. In some ages, practically everyone is looking around for someone who's doing a lot of pushing, and crowds round to push in that direction too. The bubble rolls around a lot then, but not much else happens. There are lots of directions to roll in, but the surface is limited, and has an edge all around which we really don't want to roll off of.

If everyone were to awaken and push against the membrane in his or her own direction at once and continually (which is what one hopes for), the density of this bubble would decrease to the extent that we would lift from the surface and fly.


How strange am I?

I like unsweetened peanut butter and dijon mustard sandwiches with lettuce.



I happened upon a cook book: 1,001 LOW-FAT VEGETARIAN RECIPES: 2nd Ed.By Sue Spitler.
It has nutritional information for each recipe.

I hope you turn up and see this.