Aunt Nettie's Guide to Internet Etiquette

When in doubt, emote! A little smile or wink can save a sticky situation.
Be positive! Remember, nobody likes a grump.
Answer your commenters. Let them know they matter!
Write regularly! Nobody will keep checking forever.
If you're irregular, pay a visit when you've found your tongue, and let them know you're back!
Welcome new visitors, and new ideas!

We're all friends on the internet!


All the News that's Fit to Buy

In order to keep abreast of what's "happening" out there, I have to pay money for information. (That, on its own, is completely ridiculous.) I assume that the central news services charge in turn for their information supplies, having paid their reporters to gather it. Even apart from the more nebulous and nefarious forces that be and control the flow of tidings, the only information that reaches us is the information someone was willing to pay someone else to research and write down. Still, I carry a picture with me that is whole, if blurry, because it is far too exhausting to carry around a bunch of loose puzzle pieces that may or may not have proven to reflect some actual aspect of reality. I am a fool, but hopefully not a particularly dangerous one, because I'm aware of my foolishness.


Right. Back to business.

Things seem a bit sticky these days. Doubt and distrust are worming their way into many lives. No one sounds particularly happy, except perhaps Steve, who is wise enough to avoid contamination.

I should be studying my book on healthcare and basic anatomy, but I'm not. I should be cleaning up. I'm not. I am going to perform the magic of baking a cheesecake, and letting it set and ripen overnight. We will see if that improves things any.

My dear, your tentacles are showing.


Calling all martians!

Gar hasn't said a word for months, and now brendar's blog has fallen off the face of the internet. I am worried. This world needs all the interplanetary interaction it can get.