It might be the cucumbers that are continuing to grow despite the chilly nights. It might be the stirrings of autumn, or the fact that I'm finally feeling well again after two weeks of coughing my lungs ragged. It might be our general luck in finding what we need. Who knows. I, for one, am hoping it's a widespread shift in the weight of the world, or a door opening somewhere. Any one else feeling it?


Confucious Says

Beware of engaging in long discussion with people living inside of imaginary houses. After carving away at answers to fit them through imaginary doors, meaning is unidentifiable, and does no one any good.



Aunt Nettie pointed out that I am a grump. I told her that I'd been sick. I told her I've had two other sick family members to look after. I told her my peas have a virus, and the kitchen's a mess, and my nose is stuffed up. She merely tightened her lips and looked at me. A breach of etiquette, it was clear, was a breach of etiquette. There could be no mitigating circumstances. Amends were called for, and promptly.

She's a tough cookie, Aunt Nettie, even if her gentle tongue gives no hint of it.


What Did She Mean?

Don't read this unless you've already read the previous post and are scratching your head and worrying that maybe, besides being one of those pushy, politically correct anti-racsist pests, Jeanne is also a presumptuous, judgemental and conventional religious soapboxer.

Well, she isn't. At least, if she is she's got me fooled. She was describing global warming. She was drawing a clever parallel between the state of our ruined earth in the oh-so-near future and the description of biblical hell. She may not be able to handle the constraints of 55 words, but apart from that, she's the same old Jeanne she always was. Really.


Superflash (55 word short story)

There are flames. Oh Lord, why didn't I believe? Heat, and mist, and people burning, and regret, from now on! Why didn't I repent? Stubborn fool! I chose my most immediate needs, the easy road, threw caution to the wind! One choice to make, and I chose wrong. Why didn't I sign the Kyoto treaty?