You can run, but you can't hide.......

Bloody blogger caught up with me at last, and refused to let me post or edit without switching to a google account. So now I can't open comment windows, and posting a comment on my own blog (without windows) took an eternity, and I don't know who to yell at about it. That this should hapen on a day when I was all prepared to post about the approaching threat of mandatory tracking devices in cars adds a certain poignancy to my irritation. It's a good thing our children are quite old now, because when this country gets rid of currency in the favor of credit cards and all purchases can be traced we will not be able to travel at all without comprimising our integrity and will be forced to bicycle wherever we want to go. In wide-brimmed hats, to avoid satelite detection. After having dug out our micro-chip implants.


Positive Thinking

I am grateful for each one of those eleven degrees centigrade we had in our house this morning.