Rock Bottom

The sanctioned murder of a brain-damaged woman.
More doors to hell


Perhaps they're being examined by aliens

As a young lass, nigh on forty years ago, I was occasionally tortured by a children's program called "Romper Room". I was a generous viewer in general, but "R.R." was way over my threshhold. The only thing I remember from the program, beyond the deathly boring general ambience, is how the adult female leader of the group of emotionally and intellectually mangled children would pick up a hand-mirror at the end. The mirror was, or became, hollow, and she would stare out through it into the tv camera, saying, "I see Johnny, I see Susie, and there's Jimmy, and Ruth, and Davy..."


I don't see Greggy, I don't see Joey, and where's Amber, and Alison, and....

It's odd how these things come in rashes. Perhaps it is an alien invasion.


Deep and Dark

Black holes aren't all they're cracked up to be.