I am an Instrument of Fate

I had an appointment with someone today in her office, a place I've been several times before. I crossed the street and started up the block her entrance is on, and passed a doorway with a sign for something else. I walked on, but saw no other doorway until I reached the end of the block where another wrong doorway was. What? Could it be in the next block? I looked ahead, but there were no doors in the next building, and then the street ended. Was I on the right street? Confusion reigned. I went into the music shop I was in front of and bought something. I considered asking for a phone book to check the address, but it was too crowded, so I went back out and walked BACK down the block, past the last wrong door, and all of a sudden, right there in the middle of the block was the door I was looking for. A big door, with a big, white sign. IMPOSSIBLE to miss. I went up, bemused and disgruntled. We talked, and as I prepared to leave she looked down at the bag I was carrying from the shop I'd gone in to. Oh! She'd forgotten to buy tickets at that store for a concert later this month! How lucky that I had reminded her! I told her about the door, of course. She had a right to know.


They keep shooting in the dust behind my heels.

My theory is, the more crap you have to deal with, and the more individualized it is, the less time, energy, and inclination you have to raise it to a general, philosophical level and share it with your fellow bloggers. Rather than performing alchemy, I'm stuck dodging lead.



It didn't work to write anything today either.

Oh well.