And now for something completely indifferent....

Grey, middle-weight skies
promise naught; no rain, no sun.
I tend the garden.


Truth despite Consequences

I do happen to believe there is only one path. But that's irrelevant, because it presents itself to people itself, so there's no reason to harp on anything other than honesty. And the outward appearances of the path, or points of departure, aren't any issue either. We are all going in the same direction, or willfully in the opposite direction (though I've only personally met a few of those), or most commonly in no direction at all.

"That's what I think," said Pooh. "But I don't suppose I'm right," he said.
"Of course you are," said Christopher Robin.


An eye for an eye for an eye....

If y'all wanna know what I think about crime and punishment, c'mon over to
http://hiddenblog1.blogspot.com/2005/07/hodge-podge-of-thoughts.html#comments .
I've been quite prolific, and I can't stand repeating myself.


It's BAD out there.

I just perused the net, blog to blog, link to link. There are a lot of sick people writing anti-terrorist drivel and propaganda these days, apparently oblivious to the fact that they are being manipulated into a desirable frame of mind by the WORLDSTATE, with its headquarters in the US. Well, if any of you should happen to stumble across this, take warning. It's quite simple, actually. Each person is like you, and like your brother or sister, and like your child. You wouldn't do those things to anyone you'd ever loved, would you? Wake up.


People aren't who they think they are

Some days I am overwhelmed by the actual nature of everything. This is a good thing. Very poignant. I don't know if I am different on those days, or if everything is more in harmony with itself and I (among others, I'm sure) happen to notice it. People's actions are straining in the direction of goodness, or truthfullness, or whatever that feeling is that appeals to me. Places are exactly what they are, and unique, and I want to see them all. Today was like that, at least in the middle. Very nice. I guess my batteries are charged now.


Internet Verité

Does one, by one's mere presence as an observer on a blog, invariably change the nature of that blog?